Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CDW photo album! ( Left-click to enlarge.)

Photos submitted by Beverly McMurray Of Cobb County Democratic Women's Club.

The photos are from the June 21, 2008 Juneteenth Celebration on the
Square. Top left: Dr. Beth Farokhi (candidate in the last election for
Cobb School Board) and Beverly McMurray dressed as the Statue of Liberty.
Beverly gave out blue balloons with donkeys printed on them to the kids.
Bottom right: an Obama supporter making a photo of the booth workers, L-R
Beverly McMurray, Lorie Aselin, Maria Acevedo and Doris Carroll.
The 3 Fourth of July float photos show the banner, a close up of the float with Senate 21 candidate Carlos Lopez, Beverly McM. as Statue of Liberty, and CDW President Connie Taylor. The other photo is of the rear of the float with House 35 candidate Jason Adams with supporters.

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