Sunday, May 3, 2009

State Meeting ,Forsyth County -- May 2 --A Super Event !

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What a great state meeting! The Forsyth County ladies put on their very first GFDW state meeting, and it will be a hard act to follow! The photo above was sent in by Karin Barber, and the beaming faces belong to members of the Fayette County Democratic Women's Club, winners of the Most Outstanding Club Award. LEFT CLICK TO ENLARGE; RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE TO DISK. I don't have all the names in the lineup, but the one right in the middle with the pink blouse and extra large smile is Fayette Chapter President, Elverta Williams.

The crowd of about 70 members and guests enjoyed pep talks from Bob Barton, Martha Kiel, and Sen. Nan Orrock, who was presented the Maxine Goldstein Award by Sen. Gail Buckner and Cobb County member Pam Flournoy. This award honors an outstanding woman in the Georgia legislature.

Outgoing President Kathy Bird was honored with a gift of a GFDW mug with a photo showing her presiding at the Fall, 2008 meeting in Cobb County.

Sen. Gail Buckner, a board member, with the help of GFDW chapter representatives, presented True Blue Circle pins to Bob Barton, Marylin Beverly, Ruth Bullard, Margaret Ford, Carlotta Harrell, Searless Hathaway, Martha Hinson, Mike Holznecht, Debbie Hudson, Toni Keith, Fenika Miller, Spring Rosati, Kerry Rosewall, Yvonne Sutherland, Connie Taylor, and Wilma Turner. True Blue pins are given to chapter members who have shown outstanding leadership and community service.

A surprise guest was Gen. David Poythress, a Democratic candidate for Governor, and Mrs. Poythress.

Many, many thanks to Angie Rigney, Kerry Rosewall, Mary Chatfield, the Cooking Divas, all the members of the Democratic Women of Forsyth County, Beverly McMurray, Sen. Gail Buckner, Kathy Bird, and Bob Barton and for such a great job. Plus thanks to all the unnamed folks whom I have overlooked. I only wish we had a video of the Hat Parade!

Check back for more photos!

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