Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Minutes of the May 2 State GFDW Meeting at Forsyth County---Scroll down for lots of photos !


Outgoing GFDW president Kathy Bird called the meeting to order at 11:45.
She then introduced Kathryn Cliatt, O.P., Co-Founder Cedar Hill Enrichment Center, who told the group about the center and delivered the invocation.

Emcee Bob Barton led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Kathy Bird announced the 2009-2011 slate of officers as designated by the nominating committee:

President: Kristina Simms
1ST Vice-Pres. – Angie Rigney
2nd Vice-Pres – Gail Buckner
3rd Vice-Pres – Elverta Williams
Recording Secretary – Arvilla Jennings
Corresponding Secty – presently vacant
Treasurer – Beverly McMurray
At-large – Cheryl Williams
At-large – Kim Carter
Parliamentarian – Page Gleason
Historian – Karin Barber
Chaplain – Fenika Miller
Immediate Past Pres – Kathy Bird

Also recognized were our GFDW district directors;

District 2 – Yvonne Sutherland
District 3 – Elverta Williams & Karin Barber
District 4 – Barbara Campbell
District 5 - Catherine Smith
District 8 – Kristina Simms and Betty Pearsall
District 9 - Mary Chatfield
District 12 – Liz Johnson
District 13 – Connie Taylor, Tiffany Horne & Gail Buckner

Kathy Bird asked if there were nominations from the floor, and since there were not further nominations, motion was made by Tiffany Horne and seconded by Alberta Boulware Connelly to accept the slate. Motion passed by acclamation – show of hands.
Kathy Bird read an oath of office to the new officers, to which they responded “I do.”
Then she read an oath of support to the membership, to which they responded “We do.”

Incoming GFDW President Kristina Simms greeted the membership, recognized the different chapters and counties that were represented, recognized special guests, and thanked the Forsyth Club for all their hard work in preparing such a great meeting.

The group enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by The Cooking Divas.

Further highlights of the meeting:

We all enjoyed the humorous comments and enthusiasm of former 9th District Democratic Chair Bob Barton, who presented introductions of Martha Kiel (DPG County Affairs Director/volunteer coordinator) and Sen. Gail Buckner, our awards chair, Senator, Dist. 44. Forsyth Co. President kept the agenda going smoothly with timely announcements about several changes in the order of events.

General David Poythress and Mrs. Poythress were unexpected guests during the latter half of the meeting. Gen, Poythress, a candidate for Governor of Georgia, made brief comments about Georgia’s needs in the areas of transportation, education, and water conservation which were applauded by the group.

Martha Kiel brought us up to date about her work with county committees and the necessity for all Democratic groups to keep working together for Democratic victories.

Gail Buckner, Senator, Dist. 44, accompanied by Pam Flournoy (Cobb County) presented the Maxine Goldstein Award to Sen. Nan Orrock , Dist. 36. Sen. Orrock’s long years of service and outspoken defense of Democratic values were outlined in the presentation, and her subsequent speech was vigorously applauded by the membership.

The Outstanding Chapter Award was presented by incoming Pres. Kristina Simms to the Fayette Democratic Women’s Club, represented by their president, Elverta Williams.
They received both an individual plaque and a larger plaque that will rotate to the next club selected for the award at the Spring, 2010 meeting.

Gail Bucker, Senator, Dist. 44, and GFDW 2nd Vice-Pres., along with representatives from various chapters, presented the True Blue Circle Awards to: Bob Barton, Marilyn Beverly, Ruth Bullard, Margaret Ford, Carlotta Harrell, Searless Hathaway, Martha Hinson, Mile Holznecht, Debbie Hudson, Toni Keith, Fenika Miller, Spring Rosati; Kerry Rosewall, Yvonne Sutherland, Connie Taylor, and Wilma Turner.

Prize drawings were conducted by Bob Barton and members of the Democratic Women of Forsyth County. At adjournment of the meeting by incoming President Kristina Simms, there was a “hat parade” to the accompaniment of swing music.

Submitted by:
Tiffany Horne, outgoing Recording Secty.
Completed by Kristina Simms, incoming President
(Tiffany Horne had to leave before the meeting was over)

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