Thursday, November 1, 2007

Received today from "Friends of Josh Lanier"...

Dear fellow Democrat,
Next Tuesday we'll be one year away from the 2008 elections, perhaps the most important election in a generation. What will you be feeling that critical night in 2008? Will you be celebrating the retirement of Saxby Chambliss and the election of a new Democratic Senator to represent Georgia? Or will you be disappointed again?
You can help make your evening one of celebration by getting involved right now in the exploratory campaign of Josh Lanier -- the Democrat most capable of beating Saxby Chambliss in November 2008.
Click here to read Josh Lanier's stance on National Security Issues and become a Patriot for Change. Josh's exploratory campaign is barely two weeks old, and Georgians from Rabun Gap to the Tybee Light are already joining in to take a stand, get to work, and turn this into a full campaign that spreads like kudzu to choke off Republican dominance and put a genuine, experienced and tough Democratic in the United States Senate.
Click here to learn more, join us, and become a Patriot for Change.
Josh Lanier is the only Democrat with the profile Republicans worry about most -- native south Georgian, war veteran, experienced Senate staffer, association and business executive, family man. Josh is a no-nonsense, straight talking Democrat who has taken a strong stand for Democratic values and the rights and importance of average Georgians in our political process And he'll take that fight to Saxby Chambliss like no other Democrat. And win! With 35 years experience in Washigton, Josh knows just how broken our political system is. He's seen it first hand. He knows how big money has poisoned a system that should be about average Georgians. And Josh won't have anything to do with it.
Instead, Josh is courageously setting the national example of what a Clean Campaign can mean -- no big money, no special interests, all good government -- and is taking the risk that a groundswell of $5, $20 or no more than $100 contributions will overcome the $1000, $5000 and bundled big money special interest greed that surrounds and sustains Saxby Chambliss (and polling shows Josh is right, with both Democrats and Republicans favoring Clean Campaigns by over 70%).
Take a minute right now to join us, become a Patriot for Change, and help Georgia Democrats make history in 2008.
Together we can bring a Democratic victory to Georgia in 2008. Let's make this happen. For victory in 2008,
Friends of Josh LanierPO Box 2177 Statesboro, GA 30459

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