Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Can Win in 2010 !

Roy Barnes and Carol Porter can lead Georgia Democrats to victory in Nov. 2010, but they need YOUR help. Here's what you have to do: remind our base repeatedly through phone and other contacts that they need to vote in November. Remind them that they need to vote the complete ballot, not just the top few names. Remind them about early voting. Many still are not aware of early voting. Help with voter education, voter transportation, and generating voter enthusiasm!
The convention was great and GFDW was well-represented there! Several counties expressed interest in starting chapters. Congratulations to Jane Kidd for being honored at the GADCC dinner. She well deserved it!!
All of the photos below can be enlarged by left-clicking. To return to the main page use the back arrow in the upper left corner. You can download photos to your computer by right-clicking and saving. I apologize for the foggy quality of some of the photos but the light was low and I don't have professional equipment.

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