Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Sanford Bishop at FVSU

Democratic women from Peach County, Houston County, and Taylor County made their presence known at the Congressman Sanford Bishop's Town Hall meeting at the Pettigrew Center, Fort Valley State University, today. The crowd appeared to be about 250 people and, although some opponents of health care tended to be loud when they were given the microphone, the demeanor of the audience in general was respectful. Kudos to Congressman Sanford Bishop for being so very well informed on the Health Care bill. He carefully and knowledgeably went over the main points of the bill before the question and answer period began. From the Middle Georgia Democratic Women Club, four had a chance to hold the microphone, ask a question, and voice their support for Health Care Reform: Fenika Miller, Chair of Houston County Democrats and lst Vice President, MGDWC; Patti Rowell, member, MGDWC; Sharon Dawson, secretary, MGDWC; and Kristina Simms, Acting President, MGDWC, and President, GFDW.
Some other friendly faces in the crowd: Mary Ann van Hartesveldt (Fort Valley), Patti James (Taylor County), Spring Rosati (Macon County)
We were not allowed to carry in signs, and purses and other bags were checked by security as we entered the auditorium.
On the whole, this was a fine example of what a town hall meeting should be, and Congressman Bishop and the staff and police of FVSU are to be commended. As a "Blue Dog" Democrat, Congressman Bishop expressed his strong wish to keep costs down in any health care plan, but he also pointed out many sections of the bill that he thought were worthy, and needed by our citizens.

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