Sunday, July 27, 2008

Report from Beth Perera on Saturday's DPG meeting in Macon--Howard Dean was there !

Howard Dean STRESSED that we have but ONE job to accomplish to help elect a Democratic President... and that is to REGISTER 1/2 MILLION PEOPLE in GA! That's all we need to concentrate on... get 'em registered, so they can VOTE.

Once Obama is in the White House... he has 2 main jobs:
1. Heal this country. Remind everyone that more important than being a Democrat or a Republican, is to be an AMERICAN.
2. Restore our moral standing in the world. (he referred to this past week's trip abroad by Obama... namely to Germany, where THOUSANDS of people all cheered for him and waved American flags!! NO REPUBLICAN can get that kind of turnout and greeting in Europe!)

Also... he noted that there are approx 600,000 unregistered African Americans in GA alone. We're on the right track to getting people registered... so we just need to continue that. :)

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