Saturday, September 1, 2007

GFDW Board meeting in Jonesboro Sept 1

The executive board of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women met Saturday, Sept. 1, at the home of our 3rd Vice President Gail Buckner in Jonesboro. The Grapevine got this photo of several smiling board members. Left to right: Kathy Bird, Houston Democratic Chair and lst vice president of GFDW; Lorie Aselin, member of Cobb Democratic Women and treasurer for CDW and GFDW; Gail Buckner, member of Southern Crescent Democratic Women; and Beth Perera, member of Middle Georgia Democratic Women and at-large board member of GFDW.
The biggest topic of discussion at the meeting was the October 6 GFDW Fall Meeting, "A Georgia Democratic Homecoming," for which Mrs. Buckner, a former state representative and candidate for Secretary of State, serves as chair. Mary Modena, GFDW President, welcomed Page Gleason as our new parliamentarian, and Catherine Smith as a new district director.

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