Friday, May 18, 2007

Photo scrapbook 1 (JJ Dinner, May 17), submitted by Beth Perera, Middle Georgia Democratic Women

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Tina said...

Kathy Bird writes:

"It's great to be a Democrat all the time, but last night's Jefferson Jackson dinner was a shining moment to be among our own kind, celebrating our successes and charting a path to the future! I have a reputation among friends and family as person prone to "getting jazzed" about things, but last night's event entirely justified getting very "jazzed" indeed! For one thing, the place was packed. Many long time Democrats say that in recent years, they've seen it half empty. Democrats are coming back in a big way.

John Edwards was dynamic, inspirational and right on target. Georgia is on every Democratic hopeful's short list this election cycle. The DPG's resurgence under Jane Kidd's leadership is a joy to see. If last night is any indication, Democrats are ready and able to take on the challenges of 2008 and take our state....and our country back. Get my pom-poms, I feel a cheer coming on!"