Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton in Atlanta, May 19, photos submitted by Beth Perera, MGDWC


Anonymous said...

The kid in the "Go Girl" tshirt...where did he get that?

Tina said...

Beth Perera writes:
Hillary Clinton visited Atlanta on Saturday, May 19th, 2007. She greeted hundreds of "Hillblazers" at Mason Murer Fine Art on Armour Dr, NE. There were families, singles, businesspeople, former candidates (Gail Buckner, Scott Taylor, Beth Perera), old, young, gay, straight, black, white and every color in between. The crowd CHEERED as Hillary took the stage, and applauded many, many times during her 20-minute speech. Her message included the need to end the war in Iraq, to regain respect for the United States around the world, to make sure every citizen has health care coverage, and to end our dependence on oil with a plan for renewable energy. Hillary was smooth and savvy, smart and sharp as she addressed the crowd. When her speech ended, she stepped down off the stage and into the crowd to autograph books, papers, and tshirts. She is friendly and accessible and SUCH a compassionate and gracious leader.

The event was attended by Beth Perera of Centerville, and Scott Taylor of Bonaire, and Teresa Langley of Warner Robins, who HAPPILY drove the 105 miles to see and hear Hillary, then turn around and drive home completely PUMPED withe renewed hope for our future!