Sunday, April 22, 2007

GFDW Spring Meeting, Photo Album #1

The Georgia Federation of Democratic Women held its Spring Meeting Saturday, April 21, at The Children's Museum in Macon. We were very pleased to have among our special guests

Congressman Jim Marshall, DPG Chair Jane Kidd, Rep. Nikki Randall, Macon Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, Bibb Sheriff Jerry Modena, Bibb Board of Educ. member Terry Tripp. Our new officers for 2007-2007 are Mary Modena, President (Bibb County) ; Kathy Bird, lst Vice President (Houston County); Karen Kilgo, 2nd VP (Fayette County); Tiffany Horne, Recording Secretary (Cobb) [In the photo in the next scrapbook you will see Karin Barber of Fayette standing in for Tiffany Horne, who was unable to attend]; Lorie Aselin, Treasurer (Cobb County); Kristina Simms, Recording Secretary (Houston County). Other clubs represented at the meeting were Gwinnett and Southern Crescent (counties south of Fulton). The Southern Crescent Club will host the fall meeting, of which Gail Buckner will be the chair.
Mary Modena, Pres. Bibb County Democratic Women and Betty Pearsall, Pres. Middle Georgia Democratic Women's Club, co-chaired the meeting. They were assisted in many ways by Lorie Aselin, Arvilla Jennings, Karin Barber, Karin Kilgo, Kathy Bird, Beth Perera, Kathryrn Whitehead, Beverly McMurray, Robert Bird, Sheriff Jerry Modena, Tina Simms and more.
The initial greeting was given by Amy Morton. Beth Perera served as MC. Chairman Jane Kidd brought greetings from the Democratic Party of Georgia. Thanks to Karin Barber, President of the Fayette County Democratic Women's Club; Beverly McMurray, outgoing President of the Cobb County Club; and Gail Buckner, co-founder of the new Southern Crescent Democratic Women's Club for serving on a legislative panel. Thanks to Rep. Nikki Randall, Bd. of Education Member Terry Tripp, Sheriff Jerry Modena, and Councilwoman Elaine Lucas for their thoughtful statements and answers to the questions posed by the panelists.
Caterer Betty Barrett was responsible for the beautifully prepared and presented refreshments.
And, of course, we were delighted that Congressman Jim Marshall and representatives from his office were able to attend.

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