Saturday, August 25, 2007

About the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women

Want to start a Democratic Women's Club in your county? Want to affiliate an existing club with the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women? Want to re-activate an inactive club? Email and information will be sent to you "faster than a speeding bullet"! WE NEED YOU ! GFDW board members will be happy to visit your county and help you get started.
If you would like to become an at-large member, you can find a membership form at where Amy Morton has been kind enough to lend us some space Be sure and explore her website while you're there !
"The purpose of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women shall be through our time, our talents and our money to 1) Strengthen all facets of the Democratic Party and women's participation in it. 2) Promote the Election of Democrats at all levels of Government 3) Promote and encourage qualified women to seek office and to serve on governmental boards and agencies (source: GFDW by-laws, Article II as amended October 1995)
In the 1960's Democratic Women's Clubs formed in Georgia and across the Nation. In the 1970's, The National Federation of Democratic Women formed and became the official Women's Organization of the Democratic National Committee. The GFDW formed in 1976 and joined the NFDW as an affiliate chapter in 1976. We remain affiliated with the NFDW and we share the vision of the DNC and the DPG.

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